Ha Diep Trang
A Product of Vietnam

A Non Caffeine Tea For Sleepless Tea Lovers

Millions of tea lovers, especially elders around the world, who could not take their tea cups because of side effects from caffeine, now can enjoy drinking Ha Diep Trang – the first non-caffeine tea that made of lotus leaves.

Our Products

From lotus leaves, we have made into original tea base with an identical appeal with green tea and can be used for preparing different kinds of teas that meet your taste. Beside, we have matcha (fine powders) that can be taken as matcha tea or can be blended into different interesting formulas.

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Our Story

A new tea found

With the desire to make a difference in the beverage industry, in 2014 Oriental Unicorn Media Co., Ltd. (OUC) chose lotus plant as the key ingredient to study and develop a tea formula that can substitute the regular teas, which often cause breathing and sleeping difficulties to users, especially the elders. After 5 years of founding and improving of products, a non-caffeine tea originated from lotus leaves registered patents in Vietnam was introduced.

Natural sleep aid

Lotus leaf is has been prescribed by traditional physicians for sleepless patients in Asia...

Calorie intake cut

Substances in lotus leaf reduce calorie intake by inactivating alpha glucosidase ...

other bebefits

Scientific eveidences show that lotus leaf has other health benefits.

our quality

from lab to Paris

As an hornor, in September 2020, Ha Diep Trang jasmine tea was awarded Gourmet Paris medal in the Teas of the World Contest by APVA (Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles).


What People Say
About our teas

I had a great experience with Ha Diep Trang tea. It was very effective in reducing my memstrual overbleeding. I still have it every day.
Diane Tran (USA)
I first knew and tasted this tea in a trade show in Hanoi. I was surprised to know this is just from lotus leaves. We have lotus leaf tea in Korea but this is a great product I have never had before!
Richard Kim (South Korea)
I'm 60 years old and also have trouble sleeping at night. I loved to drink tea but had to quit this habit 5 years ago. Thanks to the tea. Now I can enjoy my tea cups for a whole day long wihout any worry.
Hoang Nguyen (Viet Nam)

2020 gourmet
Paris medal