Our Story

We Have a dream

A new tea base

Having a dream to create a new bevarage product, in 2014 Khang Nguyen and his staffs at Oriental Unicorn Media Co., Ltd. (OUC) chose lotus plant as the key material to study and develop a tea formula that can substitute regular teas (made of Cemellia senensis), which often cause breathing and sleeping difficulties to users, especially the elders.

After 5 years of improvement of products, non-caffeine tea originated from lotus leaves registered patents in Vietnam.

Our Discovery

Lotus leaves own a sweet and pleasant fragrance which can be turned into a nice tea.

Most Eastern Asian countries dried, cut lotus leaves into small pieces, and brewed as drink or as medicine. Whereas the leaves can be processed into a “immitated tea” which has  similar properties as green or puer tea.

The lotus leaf tea flavor and health benefits are  well suited elders and those who can not torlerate caffeine. 

Our Mission

Ha Diep Trang lotus leaf tea can be one of the regular tea (Camelia sinensis) subs and a main stream of tea market in the next decades.

There are around 800 million persons aged 65 or above in  the world in 2020. For the next 20 years, this figure will be almost double. The demand of health benefits and non caffeine tea will be grown. 

Ha Diep Trang tea with health benefits and tea appeals and flavor will be very suitable for this niche market and trend.

Ha Diep Trang can become an ingredient or a tea base due to its appeal and physical properties. It can be mixed or scented with other ingredients, fragrances or flowers to make new teas. 

We don't just offer a new tea but a new life style

There is no dout that Ha Diep Trang tea is not only a healthy choice. It’s a new lifestyle.

We drink morning tea or coffee to freshen up a new day. We have Ha Diep Trang by the afternoon,  sunset, or evening time to enjoy another smooth half day.

Khang H. Nguyen